Vibe: 500 or above

Vibe: 500 or above

The average person's vibe is 200, what's your number? 

vibe [vīb/] 1. the way you portray yourself to people 2. a feeling or sense about something, mood or atmosphere; feeling; aura 4. signals or messages sent out to someone

Erlinda Vo transforms your vibe!  Does your vibe match your vision?  All of our products and services are designed to increase your vibe and help you achieve results to match your visions. 


al·che·my   [ˈalkəmē/]  a seemingly magical process of transformation, creation, or combination. 

We all operate on a scale of consciousness; more than 85% of humans alive today still calibrate below the critical 200 level threshold (Hawkins 2002, 95); 150 being the level of guilt, grief, and shame; 1,000 being the level of enlightenment, and 500 being the frequency of Love. Reaching for 500 or above will cause you to see significant improvements in your relationships, wealth, career opportunities and more.

We work on the spirit and soul level.

We provide spiritual tools and resources to increase your vibe and more importantly to be able to sustain it over time. Increasing your vibe is easy, it's maintaining it at the higher frequency that is a challenge for most people and this is where we come in. We vibe you up and help you learn how to maintain the new You.