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Lindy Heart's Essential Oils Class with Erlinda Vo

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Ever have a bad day that you can't seem to shake off? Or experience something's off that you can't quite explain with you or someone you love. You know something is stopping you from achieving your highest potential or abundance but don't know what it is?

Join Erlinda Vo and her team to learn how to quickly vibeup using essential oils and learn how to use essential oils for the first 2 stages of healing [physical and emotional]. Erlinda Vo is the Founder & CEO of Lindy Heart, The Energy Alchemist - Transforming bad vibes into good ones!

Essential oils support healing in five stages:
1. Essential oils assist in healing the physical body
2. Essential oils assist in healing the heart [emotions]

In this class you'll learn:
-- The basics about essential oils and how to safely use them [ie. Aromatic, Topical and Internal]
-- Why quality matters... and why to avoid the essential oils at the store
-- Essential oils to assist with the first two healing stages
-- How to use the oils for aromatherapy, relaxation, facial treatments, and personal care
-- How essential oils can help promote appetite control and weight loss

Space is limited! We hope you will join us for this fun, relaxing class infused with aromatherapy... you will leave feeling less stressed and fully empowered.

All attendees will receive free samples to take home with them and a chance to win a "Free" Energy Session {$150 value} with Erlinda Vo.

Cost: $10.00

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Notebook and Pen

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Customized blends for purchase

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