"Lindy Heart is all about your energy frequency! If you want to increase your vibration, essential oils are crucial to your success. This is why I love customized blends by Lindy Heart. We are also delighted to be a part of the doTERRA family. We use doTERRA oils to make personalized blends for our customers to deal with their specific energetic and spiritual blocks. All of our products are designed for energetic and spiritual upleveling" - Erlinda Vo, Founder and CEO

Lindy Heart's Personalized Blends

We believe every customer is unique and therefore deserves personalized blends of high vibration oils to transform their frequency. 

We NEVER recommend a product to customers that we don’t personally use and love. This is why we choose doTERRA. 

doTERRA sets the standard for the highest, purest essential oil on the market. With so many different essential oil brands on the market, it’s hard to know which brand is the best. Because we weren't  seeing the results with other brands of essential oils, we started to dive into learning more about quality essential oils and their medicinal benefits on our health.  We researched more about doTERRA and discovered a few remarkable things about their oils:

  • They test each and every batch of oils….not just once, but 7 different ways! 
  • They follow strict and sustainable growing and harvesting processes.
  • They source their oils in their prime environment.
  • The oils are a step above organic, they are Certified Pure Therapeutic Grade with no fillers, artificial ingredients, synthetic chemical substitutes or contaminants of any kind.

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