Vibe is short for vibration, alternatively an emotional reaction to the aura felt to belong to a person, place or thing.

How to Raise Your Vibe??

In David Hawkin’s book, Power vs. Force, I have been using his scale to measure the vibe of things.  The scale goes from 0-1000, with the more enlightened range from 750-1000.  Jesus and Buddha vibrated consistently at 1000 and the Dali Lama’s vibration is consistently at 1000.

Having a high vibe is not the same as having a lot of energy since even rocks carry a vibe.

However, the higher your frequency the more at ease your life will become.  There is much less worry, anxiety, fear, anger, and resentment at the higher frequencies. Instead, you will find much more joy, peace, love and calm the higher you can keep your frequency. You will also experience much more clarity since you will be sitting in more of your personal truth.  Expressing yourself more authentically becomes easier.

So how do you increase your vibe?

Start by eliminating what brings your frequency down.

Here are 5 things to avoid:

  1. Stop watching the news.  It vibrates at @ 220/1000 and keeps people in a low frequency of fear and worry.  Save TV for only uplifting, humorous, or educational programs.  Even better would be to record it so you can eliminate commercials and drug advertisements…very low vibes.
  2. Avoid low vibrating people.  You know who these people are without even having to measure anything.  These are the whiners, complainers, those committed to their stories, and always have something negative to share.  You always walk away from them feeling drained.  They are spiritual vampires.
  3.  Avoid coffee.  While there are lots of reasons to avoid coffee, I’m giving you the energetic reason.  It vibrates at 223/1000.  Another example of how energy and vibration are different.  Coffee stimulates you but does not give you energy.  In the long run, it depletes your energy.
  4. Eliminate processed foods.  These foods have had their life, and energy, taken out of them.  Boxed cereal vibrates at @ 180/1000.
  5. Stop noise pollution.  Anything that assaults your senses will lower your vibration.  Loud music, loud people, loud machines, loud cars… Heavy metal music and rap vibrate at @ 40/1000. [this one is hard for me because I love rap music] :)

Besides avoiding things, here are 4 things you can do to raise your vibe:

  1. Meditate or run your energy.  Join in a monthly meditation to clear your energy and re-balance your vibe or you can schedule an Access Consciousness Session with me to run your energy bars. It's life-changing techniques, tools and processes are designed to empower you to create the life you truly desire.  At the very least, meditate with a new grounding cord every day.  This will do wonders in helping you release lower vibrating energies.
  2. Surround yourself with supportive, positive, high vibrating people.  The highest ones are easy to spot…they usually have a smile on their face, even when they are not smiling.  They just have a glow about them.
  3. Listen to soothing music.  One of my favorites is by my friend Jennifer Alexander called Gracias Madre.
  4. Eat plenty of whole, live foods.  You can always count on these to have a high vibration.  You are what you eat.  During these stressful times, the more super foods you can eat the better. Check out my friend Dawn Jackson Blatner for her new diet plan featured on the ABC reality T.V. show called My Diet is Better Than Yours. Her whole premise is remove the C.R.A.P and substitute with super foods hence the name is Super Food Swap.
  5. Use Essential Oils. Essential oils are the quickest way to increase your vibe. Lindy Heart custom blends of course are my favorite. They are specially designed and blessed to promote wellness and designed just for you. To learn more about Lindy Heart custom blends click here.

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Love + Light,