"I highly recommend Erlinda for motivational, spiritual and personal guidance in any aspect of your life. She listens, cares and is truly an expert in her field. She has not only helped me with stress reduction, but also astounded me with her accuracy during an angel card reading. The reading was so spot on with everything currently going on in my life. She was able to offer sound advice during the session and I left feeling calm, confident and closer to my spiritual side. She doesn't give you answers, but instead helps you search better within yourself for them.Laura, Chicago, IL

Whenever I feel physically or emotionally unwell or blocked in some way, Erlinda is top of mind to call for an energy healing or abundance coaching session. She has intuition to know what is happening with me – when I can’t see it for myself – and she has magical tools that always offer a loving solution.  After every session, I see positive results in my life in whatever I’m working on and also feel more open, free & joyful.  I’ve sent several of my clients and friends to her and we all agree, she’s a miracle worker! -Gina Chicago, IL

"After only one session with Erlinda, I walked out feeling like a completely renewed person. Emotionally, energetically, spiritually....I felt clearer, lighter and actually HAPPY. There are no words to describe the experience, and I imagine every session is completely different for every individual, but there is no doubt about her: she is the real deal. Her work works! To boot, her own personal energy, spirit and approach makes one feel instantly comfortable, safe and open. To boot, you feel like she truly cares for your holistic well-being. You feel loved and cared for in her presence, while the true work, deep digging and healing is simultaneously being done. It's nothing short of a magical experience."  - Jessica, Chicago, IL

"I’ve enjoyed my sessions with Erlinda.  She’s been spot on with her readings.  She has an amazing ability to listen and get me.  She’s very warm and personable, and genuinely loves to help people see their potential. Her readings left me feeling clear and content.  And for the first time in a long time I felt light hearted and have had the most restful sleep.  I personally have not considered seeing anybody else.  Without hesitation, I have recommended her to many people in my life." - Leticia, Chicago, IL  

Erlinda’s ability to listen and provide coaching is unparalleled. I’ve sought her guidance on countless issues—personal and professional—for years now. Her keen ability to understand a situation quickly is really remarkable, and she consistently provides honest, clear, and definitive coaching. My life works and I’m a better me when I’m actively engaging with Erlinda!” - Ashley, Cleveland, OH

"Erlinda is an awesome coach and is not afraid to push you beyond your comfort zone. She brings a loving intensity - and forces you to dig deep, beyond the obvious and superficial, to get real results. Working with Erlinda will open the door to breakthroughs in your life." Chris, Cleveland, OH

"Erlinda is a phenomenal and motivating force! She has the ability to filter through the internal noise which holds us back from success and achievement. She has helped me a great deal over the years to get really clear on my commitments. She truly cares about making a difference in the lives of others. If you are looking for results, you are in the right place. I highly recommend Erlinda and her gifts to us all!" - Heather, Chicago, IL

"Working with Erlinda has helped me to uncover limiting beliefs I didn't even know I had.  And after just two sessions, my productivity and earnings potential has skyrocketed." - Kara, Chicago, IL

"I have witnessed Erlinda's personal growth for over 5 years and see how extraordinary and, quite simply, abundant she is.  One of the infinite qualities which make Erlinda great is how well she applies her practices to herself first such that it provides tremendous space for others.  That is who she is - of service - to you, to those you love, to the entire universe.  She has surrendered to the gift she is for the sake of others and given herself over to it completely.   Erlinda is also a highly intentional human being. Together, we went through an exercise and though it was not 'comfortable' for me, I trusted her and the process.  I grumbled and fussed and resisted most of the time, yet Erlinda was steadfast in her commitment for me to breakthrough my barrier to abundance.  And abbondanza!!   If I could be any more satisfied with my experience of working with her, it would be shocking!  And if I come from abundance like I have learned, that it is in fact really possible, downright exciting!Heather, Chicago, IL