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A personal note from the Founder and CEO of Vibe Up the Planet, Inc. I have been one of those people who has spent many, many years on a spiritual journey - hoping and praying and meditating that money would fall from the sky and sometimes money would come unexpectedly and I thought for sure it was the universe answering my prayers. After years of producing a few results this way, I was tired and drained. Many times if I didn't get my way, I would spend my time beating myself up about being bad because the universe wasn't on  my side and I must have done something wrong. Who knew that you couldn't produce objective results with subjective tools. After realizing this huge insight, I started transacting in new ways, utilizing spiritual tools to tremendously impact my results, peace of mind and have more balance and greater achievement than I thought possible. 

Erlinda Vo Founder and CEO of Vibe Up the Planet, Inc.

Erlinda Vo Founder and CEO of Vibe Up the Planet, Inc.

Erlinda Vo, Founder and CEO of Vibe Up the Planet, Inc. is a leading expert in personal motivation for forward thinkers; people who are ready to have their dreams and goals realized.  As an experienced life coach, and  most recently developed a new gift called "Light Language" she has guided many people in designing a blueprint for their life.  She has been acknowledged by Arizona State University as an Ally, an Advocate and a role model for all women.  Her original thinking and pioneering has inspired many people, students, and children to dream, design, and live their authentic life. 

She is a visionary who takes initiative to create new opportunities. As a leader, she models risk-taking, supports and challenges other people and herself, she shares her realities, including her triumphs and tragedies, and honors the voices of those similar and different than her.

Erlinda has developed a new method that breaks the barriers for individuals in achieving the results they want. She has held several workshops, personal coaching sessions, and devoted thousands of hours to researching the most effective way to manifesting goals using business and spiritual principles.